My paintings try to capture the subtle nature of the human body. I obscure the boundary between figure and background, deliberately melting the hues to form a sense a naturalness.

Some ideas are so embedded in our culture that most of us fail to look at them through a critical lens. The Ubiquitous collection serves to offer up new perspectives on things we see everyday but fail to look at.

United Notions brings to view and instantaneous and interconnected awareness. As an ellipse crawls across the face; we dance beneath the vastness! Through wires and in between skies, it will be known: This time is ours.

Created from fond memories of exploring new grounds and people. La Gringa expresses the experience of coming to know a new world by admiring and participating.

The Omniform collection seeks to represent nature with a visual harmony of color and shape. The figures can be seen flowing in and out of their surroundings. Since each image is made of a glance of forms, each element is interdependent and cannot exist without the other forms.

The Spectaculum collection creates something visually striking, even ridiculous, in order to captivate an audience.

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